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Where we believe the most powerful state of healing is the one that best supports and trusts the body to do what it is naturally designed to do, Heal!

A Revolutionary Way to Relax and Restore

Flotation therapy is a very sensational state of total bliss and relaxation.  It has the unique ability to assist the body into a transient meditative path to the parasympathetic state where the body rapidly performs it’s most effective healing. This beautiful practice has the ability to restore you back to a balanced state of wholesomeness. It’s quite astonishing to see  sharpness of mind and a calm responsive poise returned to your daily life!.

At its first conception it was coined as sensory deprivation. In our opinion there is nothing deprivational about this therapy, in fact research is really beginning to show that the body and mind is experiencing Internal Sensory Enhancement.

While floating has been around since the late 1970’s it has only recently hit the mainstream in the numbers that it has now. Professional athletes have incorporated the practice of floating into their training regiments with incredible results! In fact, many professional teams are installing float tanks in their training facilities because of the incredible improvements they have seen in their athlete’s performance. It’s becoming the new standard.

Spark Creativity, Improve Focus and Performance

From writing great compositions to improving one’s golf game, floating has had profound effects on people’s ability to focus on their craft, improve cognitive function as well as mental focus. There are now several flotation therapy centers around the Chicagoland area. This is a great thing, because in essence, flotation therapy is a powerful yet gentle way to enhance ones health, advance or spark a meditative practice, and even retrieve someone from the depths of depression, all through a synergistic and holistic means of recovery.

In astonishing numbers people are flocking to float centers all around the world and living more healthy, conscious, and balanced lives because of it. Within the float industry owners and operators are quick to help one another, and even send referrals when they’re booked out. This is what floating sparks in people, community, kindness, and generosity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and our shared passion is to make a difference in our float center communities by elevating people to allow them to feel whole and happy again.

We have decided to make this incredible practice more accessible to our community by installing 3 of the most state-of-the-art float tanks available on the market today.

What one can expect when incorporating floatation in their weekly routine is a more stable and even keel walk throughout their day. Imagine not having to react to situations. What if you could observe calmly and respond in the same amount of time, without the panic? Floatation is known to have that relaxing effect that can be prolonged the more you float.

This is an exciting time indeed!

And Now The Float

A floatation experience like no other. Relax and restore in your own private suite.